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Updated Hurricane Information 2021

Please review the new and updated information for hurricane preparation, both pre-storm and post-storm.  Go to documents and click on "Hurricane."  This information should be perused by all.  Please feel free to contact any Board Member or Gina Knight should you have questions.  Have a great summer.

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Contractor Licensing & Insurance

Are you hiring a contractor to do work on your unit at Vista Pointe? Please be aware that all contractors must be properly licensed and insured in Collier County.  We are providing our residents a direct link to the Collier County service that checks whether your contractor is licensed and insured.  Please click here to access this service.

Save the Date - Board Meetings

Board Meeting Schedule 2021
Friday, April 16, 3:00pm
Friday, May 21, 3:00pm
Friday, June 18, 3:00pm (Tentative)
Friday, July 16, 3:00pm (Tentative)
Friday, August 20, 3:00pm (Tentative)
Friday, September 17, 3:00pm (Tentative)
Friday, October 15, 3:00pm
Friday, November 19, 3:00pm
Friday, December 17, 3:00pm


The installation has been completed. I would like to thank everyone for their cooperation in this project. The next step in the installation is outlined below. All residents will be setting their own appointment for the actual hook up of the fiber optic in their unit. 
Summit will:

-    Send an email about a month before a community is ready to be installed with a new rate sheet (for additional equipment). (This may have already been sent)

-    Send a link to the on line appointment scheduler. Residents will be able to set their own appointments. You then can login and set your appointment and request additional boxes,

-    Send you an email confirmation of your appointment. 

-    Call and review the installation process and confirm what you will be getting.

-    Send an email reminder approximately 48 hours before the appointment. 

-    Send a text reminder 24 hours before the appointment (where available).

New to our Website?

You bought a previously occupied condo or coach home and need your own logon and password.  Welcome to Vista Pointe!
You brought a new coach home that had never been occupied and need a Username and Password
Each Condo or Coach Home is set up with a predefined Username and Password. As an example, for Building 14, Unit 201 the USERNAME is Unit14201 and the PASSWORD is vista999 (lower case).  When this unit is sold, the new owner should logon using this Unit14201/vista999 and then click on the YOUR PROFILE link in the upper right hand corner of the screen, then change the USERNAME, PASSWORD, EMAIL ADDRESS to their own.

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News Articles

New Residents
Posted on Apr 14th, 2021
Please Welcome the Following New Neighbors:
Robert Hetzel & Marilyn Glowacki, 560 El Camino Real, 1104
Gary & Kathleen McPhail, 560 El Camino Real, 1601
Juergen & Rana Daners, 565 El Camino Real, 7102
Paul St. Hilaire & Linda Jeske, 570 El Camino Real, 2303
Thomas & Joan Eames, 570 El Camino Real, 2502
Ann Robert & Rodger Heaton, 570 El Camino Real, 2601 
Fred & Laura Weber, 580 El Camino Real, 3203
David & Nadia Olson, 580 El Camno Real, 3206
Bill & Eileen Kopp, 580 El Camino Real, 3406

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